General information for foreign-language patients

Bravis Hospital has two main locations: Roosendaal and Bergen op Zoom. Bravis Hospital has an expert and enthusiastic team of employees, medical specialists and volunteers who are ready to assist you.

Information for patients

Go to your GP first before you would like to schedule an appointment and/or undergo treatment at the hospital.

Bring someone with you who speaks and understands the Dutch language

If you do not speak or understand the Dutch language well, it is important that you take along someone who does. During your visit, your health and potential follow-up steps will be discussed. It is important that you understand what is being discussed during your appointment, so that you can participate in the decisions about your treatment.

What should you bring to your first appointment at the hospital?

  • Valid proof of identity for you or your child (a valid passport, Dutch driving license, Dutch identity card (ID card) or a foreign nationals document);
  • Proof of insurance for you or your child (an insurance card or policy);
  • A list of medications for you or your child. It is important that your care provider know which medications you are currently taking (your pharmacy always has an up-to-date list of these);
  • A referral from the GP or midwife.

When do you report to the reception of the outpatient clinic?

Report to reception when you visit Bravis hospital or one of the outpatient clinics for the first time, or when:

  • your address, telephone number or e-mail address has changed;
  • your health insurer has changed;
  • your GP has changed.

During your first visit to Bravis Hospital, your BSN number (citizen service number) is recorded at the reception desk. This number can be found on your ID card, driver's license or health insurance card.